The Beauty of Light in Water

Out of darkness, light. A few weeks back, I marvelled at water, and it’s here again, but look at it now …


Stream Below the Hengifoss

Flotsdalur, Iceland.

Is it water? Is it light? If so, they are not like any water or light contemporary words have made. Look:


Light Mixing With Water

… or is that Water Mixing with Light?

That’s cooked volcanic clay as a streambed. Here they are again, in a view from a mammal that can’t seem to hold steady or stop breathing and that left its tripod back in the car, but maybe it’s best that way …

Through such attention the planet sees itself. I love that.


Looking Back Upstream

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  1. wish that mammal held that pose longer, and gotten about 30 seconds of the water flowing. iI would have given the complete effect of the water. Maybe the mammal can make it back there?


  2. Thanks for these images, Harold. Those shots are so hard to capture – hard to paint, too. I can’t wait to see you doing mud. I have taken quite a few shots of mud and intend to do a painting soon. Heather


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