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  1. Once I was on the side of the guardians, always alert for shouting out “Neophyt” even in cases where somthing was growing, when animals where disappearing because of the human farmwork deserts – stupendously operating with plants, coming from elsewhere or, wort case, directly from the bioenginieering laboratories.
    I changed my point of view as the climate changes, and new conditions of living in many areas will be the reason for thinking this over..


    • What changed it for me was realizing that in this place “invasive species” are generally considered those detrimental to the cattle industry… whose record of caring for the land and people in this region is very poor. In fact, the worst weeds are, in many cases, all that the cattle are grazing on, and all that are preventing total environmental collapse. Now I love them. For carrying on the old ecological niches, or at least some, and making new relationships. What’s amazing is that I took many pictures today to illustrate these new ecosystems… and here you are talking about them, too. Cool.

      > a

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  2. That’s a colorful character visiting your chocolate mint…I don’t think I’ve seen one of those over here. I hope all’s well with you, as well it can be with the fires. I’ve been absent, but will try to catch up.
    Wish I could chew on a leaf right now!


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