The Okanagan in History

My homeland has its own history, rooted deep in the history of the North American West. This history is many thousands of years old. It begins some 16,000 years ago with Nimíipu’u fishers along the Salmon River. It has in no way ended yet. To introduce myself and my land-based perspective, however, I begin with a revolutionary period, then walk deep in time from there. I hope you will walk with me on this journey. This is about far more than a couple of valleys in the mountains, and about far more than Old Oregon or the old Columbia District of the Hudson’s Bay Company. This is about bringing the Earth back.

Chapter 1: A Game of Cards

Chapter 2: The Making of Slaves

17. How to Enslave the Land and the Water if You Are British: a Guide for Colonists

Chapter 3. Spiritual Slavery

23. Pandosy and the People of the Grass

31. Bears and Cultural Change