Living with Technology

When all the trees are gone, technology can fill the gap.

P1070468Mason Bee Nests in Plastic

Here’s a rainbird sprinkler, named after a robin, with a robin, that loves rain, using it as a perch as the rainbird extends the robin’s range by providing environment for invasive earthworms, which robins have learned to love, in the West Coast rainforest.

P1070457Cheep! Cheep!

Earth hasn’t given up yet.

Little Green Apple Ghosts

When flowering plants came on the earth they raised their blossoms into the air, and coloured them brightly with light, so that insects, the creatures of air and light, would find them. Together, these two groups developed in potential together, yet no matter how far they have gone on this joint journey the original gesture of lifting the point of renewal into the light remains and is one of the strongest, abiding characteristics of (for example) the rose and all her daughters. Even the apples (a very robust rose) below retain the gesture of the flower as their stems swell around the growing seeds in the ovaries, fertilized by the bees that came to the flower’s light.

Humans, too, contain these ghosts, or spirits, of the original gestures out of which we have grown, and of the environments we have grown with, which includes the world of apples, for whom all of history has been no time at all but is still opening, beautifully, into the light.

Green Algae + Yellow Pollen + Rain + Beaver = Beautiful Life

Pollen in the rain is nice.P1060499

But without rain, it’s nice, too.P1060501 You’d think these currents might be created by the wind.P1060502

Nope, they run with deep flows of water. The wind doesn’t touch them.P1060503

Waves slosh them a bit. P1060505

Some kind of electric thing happens around logs.P1060507

This is the Conconully Reservoir in the springtime. The entire lake is blooming with these tiny round algae. When you hit a thick patch your kayak slowwwwwws down.P1060508

But who would mind?P1060509 Ospreys, that’s who. It’s hard to see fish in this stuff. P1060515

See what I mean about the logs? Thanks to the beaver.P1060516

The white haze on the image below is the sun, filtered out of the sky and laid on the edges of waves of energy.P1060518


How to Read the Weather, A Conconully Meditation

Read the water. It knows the sky.P1070265 P1070272 P1070287

The reading apparatus is less the eye than the skin, and the body that receives the skin’s reading, but the eye locates the reading and gives it expanse. It follows that if you want to read the water, look up:


That lakes and sky appear profoundly separate is a ghost of mammalian consciousness. If you want to see the weather, look away from yourself. You will find yourself there with a non-mammalian consciousness. Or here.


The Sinlahekins used to cross over to this valley from the Colville Indian Reservation to read the coming weather, here in Conconully, the land where one hears into the thunder’s country. Then they rode back. They knew what to do with the information they had gathered.


The coming was already the knowing.