Snails Like Drops of Rain

Sometimes water flows. Sometimes it pools. Sometimes it absorbs light. Sometimes it bends it. Sometimes it sends it back into the sky. Because life follows water’s energies, it does all this too.

P1180303Seaweed and Snails, Tofino, Vancouver Island

Dear Readers, that includes me. That includes you.


Spring is More than Meets the Eye

This is not a photograph of wild bees on pussy willows.

P1180119Mackenzie Beach, Tofino, Vancouver Island

It is a photograph of one life form. It is bee-willow. It is willow-bee. It is something words and concepts break apart before they can attempt to put them back together.The language of the earth sees them as one unified force.



It is time to learn to speak that language again.

Beautiful Red Water

Yellow and orange, too. In braids. Running over shells on its way to the Pacific Ocean.


Stream Soaked in Red Cedar Roots, Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island

I don’t think we know enough about this stuff. People have been calling it a resource. I dunno. I’m beginning to think that we are the resource.


100 Photographs for World Water Day

For the love of water and the love of life, I’ve collected a few photos from here and from (click on each image for title and to enlarge)

I’m off to the sea for a week. I hope to bring back treasures for you.

Sagebrush Buttercup in Its Natural Environment

Sagebrush buttercup, the first of the grassland wildflowers is blooming in the US Okanogan, and up into Canada, on the south slopes, on sandy hills south of the big lakes.

P1170361Note the absence of sage and the lingering presence of deer. Note the absence of vineyards and the intact microbial crust beneath the thatch, too.

Earth is not powdered rock.

Lichen and Bunchgrass in Harmony

It starts with a drop, of water you might say, but I think it’s a drop of life. Look how both bunchgrass and lichen on this glacial erratic repeat the patterns of the stars. (For the best view, click the image to enlarge it.)

P1170427Vaseaux Lake Nature Conservancy

A culture that sees nature as living in a few scraps of land in between industrial, agricultural and residential developments is a culture that does not live among the stars.