Ponderosa Pine’s World

The land has a spirit. You can find it in a dead ponderosa pine.

You can find it in a living stone.

In the long life record of pine bark and pitch.

In the mountain above it.

You can find it in the light soaking through white cloud onto a dead pine.

Or an old colony of lichen.

The same patterns are in the bark on the log lying among the rocks.


And in the rock itself.

Even without lichen.

Even with.

And then the new tree breaks the pattern…

… affirming it, as does the balsam root …


… the rattlesnake den …

… and the sparrow.

This is ponderosa pine’s world.

… and mullein’s…

These are her patterns.

The land reveals itself through her.

And vice versa.

The land is a form of weather.

The weather is a form of land.

It neither hides nor reveals it.

And then there’s the water!

All the way to the moon…

…and back.

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  1. “The land has a spirit. You can find it in a dead ponderosa pine.”

    Impressed me so much… beautiful photographs and you look very deeply and touching with your heart. I can feel this.

    Thank you, Love, nia


      • You are welcome dear Harold, your photographs and your words are always so inspirational for me. I would like to hear your thoughts about my humble photographs too. Be sure. Thank you, have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia


      • For some reason, WordPress has not been putting a link to your photos on your answers, so I thought you weren’t doing them anymore. I’m glad they’re there to find. Thanks for sending them to me. I’m curious about the relationship between nature and technology that you are exploring… does that follow the other way? In addition to enhanced photos of nature, exploring the nature of art, do you also photograph built environments and their intersections with nature, or nature within built environments? “All the World’s a Stage”… that hints that you have something in mind along these lines, doesn’t it?


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      • On my blog I have comment box, under my posts. If you visit my blog you can see them. This is strange. Thank you, Love, nia


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