flower gardening

Dandelion Swan Song

Aren’t the orchards pretty in the springtime, with their quaint tractor wobble reminiscent of human fragility and everything?


You, too, can achieve this effect on your own yard.

These babies will make sure that you have a beautiful striped effect, but if you just want to go for the bright green of nitrogen fertilizer, without flowers anywhere, may I recommend …


And only $37.99 plus 12% tax, batteries included. Bonus, no mosquito-sting-healing plantain either. You’ll be ready for your de-natured planet in the squeeze of a magic wand.

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  1. Dandelions are the preferred early spring food for cattle in my experience. Perhaps not so good for hayfields, but for grazing, I want them. Also, in our area (sans goldfinches) they are a preferred food for pine siskins. And there are other reasons to like them. . . .

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    • Hurrah for dandelions! I only ever saw the siskins when they were in the pines, so shows how unobservant I was in the Cariboo, because I am a dandelion-in-the-lawn specialist, spreading seed far and wide.


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