What Colour is a Damselfly Anyway?

Note how the damselfly in the water is tall and full of energy, while the one on the butt of the birch log is weary and weighed down by the weight of the sky.

And look how the one in the water has taken on the colour of the birch, while the one in the sky has taken on the colour of oxygen. What a beautiful world!


Gardom Lake

Water is the Speech of the Earth

It is commonly said that water reflects light. It’s a great observation.

However, water also gives light a place to reveal itself. That is an older observation, but no less lucid.

During this process, water reveals itself as the hidden body behind the light. This organic twinning is what is called nature.

It is the earth speaking. Human bodies fit into it in the same way.


Okanagan Spring Colours

Rose, dogwood and grass have recorded the winter sun and now, as that sun gives over to a spring one, release that knowledge. With this wisdom of grey, red and yellow the year begins.p1500354



Okanagan colours are always soft, as they shine through a nearly waterless sky, in a valley that focusses the sun as a lens. It is a pleasure to experience two seasons at once.

And Yet People Complain About Winter. Huh.


Isn’t it beautiful?


Maybe they should leave the north and go home. I feel so sorry for them. They have to endure this:


And this:


It must be very hard. I know, for my part, it would be hard, very hard, to endure a winter that was not at 20 Below Celsius, at least one night. And in this January moon we had a week. Oh, glory!


But, seriously, I have to listen to these complaints on the national broadcasting system of the country that I was born to and must pay allegiance to, to live here? Really? That’s shameful. Well, time to go for a walk and forgive.


I am, after all, on this earth, to learn humility. Sometimes it’s easy.


Sometimes it’s hard.



The Lessons of Red Osier Dogwood

I went looking for light. In a grey world, it was all in the red osier dogwoods, stəktəkcxʷlɬp, the purifier, the beloved of moose. I spent some time with it as it turned into them.p1450021 p1450016 p1450013 p1450012 p1450005 p1450002 p1440997 p1440981 p1450031 p1440978 p1440977

It is the net of blood in the eye. Anything that passes through it will be guided by it, stroked, and shifted to follow its flows. You feel it all over your skin and over your chest and arms. You can step into it with purpose. You must step out of it with its flow.

Plants Always Stare Into the Sun

They just don’t see in colour.p1420366

Darkness, what’s it to them?


What’s it to us?



Everything? Do we look into the light to see its boundary with darkness?


Plants react to our quirks.


These choke cherries are for us, not for birds. Well, for us and the bears.


We can share, right?

Do You Think Light Moves in Straight Lines?

Not when it combines with water. twist

Or with wind.


Then it flows like water.

With a spring of light added to it.p1420046

We begin here in this land.  Then we go further.


We could abstract straight lines from this landscape, but then we’d make our poetry out of emotions about the world, instead of reading the world in its own forms.


In the end, we wouldn’t be at home in the world.p1420188

We would call this beauty.p1420184

Instead of living in it. This is not nature.


It’s time to come home…p1190976

… to the flow.

Wind Light Water Light Wind

The water is grass in the wind.p1420172

The grass is water in the wind.


Again? The water is the sun in the wind.


The grass is the sun in the wind.


And without the wind?


Without the wind, the water takes its place.


Images from Priest Valley, including Okanagan Lake