The Thing About Abstract Art

It isn’t abstract.V0021663

Concrete Forms of Water, Mass, Gravity and Light

Nice work by the raindrops, eh!

“Abstraction” is just a cultural term, signifying a preference to live within a certain group of projections of human bodily form (ones full of emotion, for example) which unify in human observation, like this …


… instead of ones which unify outside of the point of observation, and outside of human concepts of unity, like this:


… and this …V0000604

… at once. The snow buckwheat and the dried up puddle are the same amount of water climbing to the same sky. That is not an abstract observation. It just is beautiful, that’s what it is.


Dawn on Earth

It is a wave breaking on a shore.P1240161
It is sifted by trees that hold the night within themselves.


The sun enters the water, and shines from there. (In the image below, it catches a tree that fell here before I was born, and has raised generations of trout in its weave.)P1240181

As the sun is filtered by the living trees over the shoulder of the forest, it lifts the water and the land together.


During the day that follows, it is a memory, written in light.

wet2 This is when the wind carries the wave forward, through all the dimensions.wet

The water and the light flow with it, right through you.


Where they become one is where you are. Only there. In all this universe. Earth creature, this is what your thinking looks like.


Right through dusk. Of the day and of the year.


Into the night.


Then it begins again.


That is your mathematics, earth dweller.

P1230289That is your music.You who live where the sun and the water meet …


… and become one.P1230277

If you understand that, or find yourself trying to understand that, or think that these words or this conception is poetry, or that these are images of nature or psychology, please go back …

P1240196 … and try again.P1240219


And again.



And again.


Please take your time.



Why Beauty?

Beauty is a signature that a human was present, using its bodily senses to measure the precise balances in a landscape and to align its body with them.palepond

Some beautiful early morning light on the Big Bar Wetland, for sure, but also beaver, fish, frog and bird habitat, under precise conditions, and damselflies, which give life meaning.damsels at dawn

Yes, that’s another sign of a human presence, and is the resting place for an apprehension of beauty, recorded in memory. These physical abilities are useful, and powerful. Memory is consciousness.P1200646

Early Morning Moon Over Big Bar Lake

Consciousness is beauty. It is the reading, for example, of a hawk at rest and in flight, with one’s own body.


After awhile, you become it. That’s the point.

Blue Bunch Wheatgrass and Gravity

The blue bunch wheatgrass of the West, the signature grass of the Intermontane Grasslands, the beautiful one herself, stands straight and tall, until her seeds grow heavy and weigh her down, but even that is not enough to spread her out far enough to catch the rain through the winter and the next year.

To find the perfect arc to catch the rain, the thunderstorms of June are the thing.


The tension between the fibbers of blue bunch and gravity, find their perfect arc.P1180276

But only with the seed, that holds the water, as it will find it again, when it drops to the soil, at the new extension the rain has given to the plant.


What a beautiful and balanced world!

Sustaining the Okanagan 15: Time for Thyme!

We don’t need lawn. Or gravel.


But what about thyme? P1180964

No mowing. No watering. The thyme below is just growing at the side of the road.P1180965

Flowers for the bees!P1180980

Something for the kitchen (black cherry tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, thyme and a hot frying pan.P1180981

Replace that gravel, too.


Make pretty steps.P1180463

Better than bark mulch, which is supposed to “look” productive, but is a boondoggle.P1180469

Nothing grows in that stuff.P1180468

Make the valley live again. Whoo-hooo!P1180466

Plant thyme.


p.s. the water system in the images above could be ripped out. It’s there out of habit.