Nature Photography

Looking for Light and Finding Darkness

The poet Goethe pointed out in his scientific exploration of colour that humans are capable of seeing in the dark, that colour and light are created in the human mind — that these are, in fact, its purpose. So, here I am, right, taking the device out and setting it on the trail of light …



Red Clay Stream

Hengifoss Glúfur hegi, Iceland

… and finding it even in the water …

… and even here …


P1380817Hengifoss Glúfur

… and even here …


Somebody’s Skull

… and even here, deep within the canyon now (I tell you, light is the strangest stuff; it follows a human pretty much everywhere) …



That’s as far as I could get upstream. Then, a call and light of a different kind, overhead …

P1380931Raven, Watching

… and two steps later, darkness …



Last Fall’s Chick …

… after one short tumble down from the nest. How easily I had forgotten that it was not just light that was following me and not just light I was seeing by. I said a prayer, left my mind there to mourn, and walked out, which too is a manner of thinking.



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