Blessings of the Kingfisher

For years I have tried to make an image of a kingfisher from the shore willows of lakes in the mountains, only to have them fly away laughing, as they disappeared between the dimensions. I think I have learned the trick to catch these tricksters now.

Get them sitting on the exploded body parts of sea monsters and ancestral figures from the land of story deep underwater, in the fog, at dusk, when you’re the one passing through the dimensions. What a fine meeting to close the year and open the new one into story!

Every Mound of Grass is a Greenhouse

I live in an exotic landscape on a planet whirling through solar space, in which every greenhouse has a heating system pointed straight at the sun, to melt water and get things going.

By the time the spring comes, the spring of the grass will have finished its spring thing. Valley warming comes about when you graze off this grass. From a valley perspective, global warming is the anti-greenhouse effect!

More Fun Than a Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s the time of year for laying out a jigsaw on the kitchen table, but if the rest of the family is setting the table for dinner there, what to do? Aha! Play a game. This is the main trail out of the deer nursery. Why not climb it in your mind, to get the year started by getting yourself into your deep deer mind? So many ways to go… or is there? Here’s a hint: the triangle below is the nursery. The trail goes right through the centre of it… and then?

Keep your head down! That’s the most important thing. Have fun!

Green is the Wrong Colour for a UFO

And now for the backstage view of the Okanagan, that artwork installed in the channel between the basalt seas of the Northeast Pacific Shore.

Colonialism 101

The thing about an alien invasion is that you’d think that blending in with local colour patterns would be the way to pull it off, but that would be so wrong. Just be alien, and celebrate it. Force the locals to adapt, that’s the way.

An Angel Has Come

The messenger has arrived, whose name is her function: good news folded out of prayer, and instead of a cross, nailed between Heaven and Earth, wings to carry a prayer into the light and, by so flying forth, to bring news back.

That is the wisdom we celebrate every day on this Earth and make, on this day, into memory, which is to say we mind it and by minding mend what is broken by giving it hope from what has come before. We are at the still point of the turning world.

Such simple gestures make the hands into flight. Unlike the flight of birds it is flight that never flits off, because it is already here. Give praise this day for the birth that has been coming these nine months long. Everything is new again. Nothing has left us. Be blessed. Merry Christmas!

Our Future is Fruitful

The future opens out of the present. First we see. Then we help others see. Then we build it together.

Staghorn Sumac: Our Okanagan Future

The future is already here. It is what we can imagine and then make real out of that imagining. The potential of this plant for transforming food, environment and agriculture in the Okanagan is enormous. The imagining is the future speaking through us. Do we dare open to it and experiment with the fruity acid coatings on these drupes? Or are we too concerned with immediate profit? Or with using the future for aesthetic purposes only?

Aesthetic purposes that don’t lead to action are actions of distance. Look at the years wasted to make this beauty.

Sumac is showing us the way.