The Chilcotin Ark Gets Her First Review

You know, it’s great to wander in the hills and across the basalt plateaus and write this blog, and to come home and work with good friends to make amazing books about an Earth that needs our help. Here’s the book I spent last year (and more) helping the photographer Chris Harris put into shape.

It tells the story of a man’s lifetime as an adventurer and photographer on the Basalt Sea, and the people he met along the way, who guided him and passed on the land to him. This land:

The 8,000(+)-year-old Pinnacles Trail to the Central Coast

This land is in our care, for our children. It’s so great, for them, that the book has been well received. Have a look:

That’s the work we’re doing here on Okanagan Okanogan. Thanks for your energy. It means the world to me. And thanks, Chris, for trusting me to help shape your vision.


Chris Harris. Source

The journey to celebrate and protect this land and those who love her continues.



The Mystery of Clouds and Ice

Clouds are water vapour held up by air, and are named after clods, or lumps of earth.p1490817

Ice floes are clods of ice held up by water. But in the world of light, which surely is a world, they are the same. There is a mystery there, as yet unravelled.p1490931

Western culture was working at it, until the guns of Verdun. We shouldn’t have given in.

The Return of the Water People

Coots love the water so much that they only leave for the deep south (100 kilometres away) when things get too rough in January. Then they come up and literally hug the ice, as if it were a floating bed of reeds they could nest on. Soon they will follow the edge of the ice to the high country lakes and ponds where they will raise their young, but for now they float in armadas on the lake. Here they are, from 150 metres up the hill.p1490086

And cruising among the gulls.


And cruising.

And looking through the window their reflection makes of the light playing on the surface of the lake, into the depths.p1490695

Here, this is one human equivalent of that deep look.


And another. Welcome to your mind. Note the gull flying through it, just larger than a water drop.p1490474

It is a time for celebration. The lake is calling.p1490090

The water people answer.


Your turn.