Nature Photography

Will the Real Mariposa Lily Please Stand Up

Is this the mariposa lily?

Or is this?

The light remains. It gives us gravity, or draws the mind forward so it sees the light within the body, if you will. Similarly, is this the willow?

Or is this?


Is it any different on the water, than here on the stem?

The light remains, and just as the mariposa lily draws the apostemon bee, so does willow draw the human eye, across the whole span of its growth

And poplars?


Same thing.

Neither calls us less, which is to say that neither completes us less, which is to say that neither is random or not a part of our own going out and acceptance. This going out and acceptance of the call was what the scientist Goethe wanted the science of the future to become. He envisioned no break between science, ethics and art. After two hundred years, here we are.

Still telling the one story, of how light strikes the earth and water, and how they rise to it and become one. You can actually see that in the cattails and willows below, where water’s angularity (when frozen, even into cattails, in chains of frozen air and sunlight) and its liquid, when melted in the waves of the sun, blend. Even the willow leaves ride this multi-dimensional space.

And give us depth.

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