Spring is Way Too Early

The choke cherries are waiting for the bear to come.P2080575

Not all of them, though. The tent caterpillars had their way with many of them in July. Ate all the leaves away, they did. Here’s a photo from back then.


Now, roses (and cherries are roses) like a nice winter before they start growing again, but when you’ve lost all your leaves for months, it’s kind of like sort of the same thing. You sprout, you bloom, when you should not be doing any such thing at all.

P2090170 I tell you, no good can come of this.P2090173

Spring is going to be rough, I think. Oh wait, it’s spring now…or is it?


What is Asparagus Really?

Or is that asparagus math?P1520804Pretty cool, either way!


Music, math … these are just words.



P1520824 No. Just a word.

P1520816But, without words, what?

P1520806That wordless point is where we’re headed. If we were headed towards words, we wouldn’t walk out in the grass…

P1520816 or find ourselves there.P1520807






Oh, Grass, My Beautiful One!

Grasses are the children of a warming earth, and this is their season. I’ve been talking of science lately, but a science based in poetry and in ancient earth knowledge, so I thought today, walking out in the grass, hey, why not show you the magic of the grass? Have a look!

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The Oldest of All Stories

The old ways of thinking with the body are still solid. In this age of scientific thinking, there are still turtles, that speak to ancient memory.


Turtle Head, Kalamalka Lake

And that old grassland moon just can’t keep down during the days as the year turns into sweet night …


… and her consort from the old days, he’s here, too …

P1280784Zeus, Looking for Fun

… while the light begins to flow away …

P1290526… and his singers with him.

P1290525I Tried to Rescue Him, But He’d Have None Of It

This is an old story. There aren’t many stories. This is one of them. There are also ducks …


… wondering where the summer people have gone, with all their crackers. And the bear ate all the berries. Meanwhile, the poet watches the Birth of the Universe blowing by.

P1290483Lakes Have Skin, Too Kalamalka Lake

Maybe the summer people are shopping for winter?

P1290810Maybe the hawks got them.

P1290215Hawk Hunting for House Cats, BX District

One could spend a lifetime posing questions with no answers, or with answers your body already knew long ago.

P1290666Mountain Sheep Watching Kalamalka Lake

Our stories our old. We know them in our bones. I think that’s why it’s important to keep them alive and to keep telling them. Blessed be.