How Could Anyone Want More Sun Than This?

The sun starts out as perfect as can be, burning the hydrogen of a star that shone before it and exploded long ago.


Out here, where other bits of that star accumulated in the same process that formed the sun — in the outer shell of the sun, shall we say — that hydrogen mixes with oxygen to form water, and blows around in the wind.

P1200618 It kind of swirls …

P1200635 That’s what a sun that is made out of water does …

P1200636All Photos Looking Over the Commonage Towards Coldstream, British Columbia

Other than just being beautiful, there’s a point here: when people put their attention to classifying plants closely, they realized a lot of things they had never known before, such as the similarity between saskatoons …

saskbarkSaskatoon Bark

… and apricots …


Apricot Bark

… and told a story that they were both within the Rose Family. Of this approach, a science of Botany was made, with all the benefits and understandings that flow from it. The sun that mixes with water and flows as cloud, however…

vinesSun Flowing Past a High Winter Vineyard, Bella Vista

… remains a thing of beauty only. It is the sun, moving water and energy through the landscape, completing, or extending, processes here that began 100,000 years ago in the sun’s core.

flockMigrating Cedar Waxwings Flashing up From Poplars

Random? Hardly. Just not human. Just the sun.

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