When Horses Walk the Earth (A Winter Prayer)

Let us praise giant rye grass…tallgrass2 … that grows as tall as a horse …tall-grass


… and let us praise its dark seed …



… and the fog that blows through it …

P1620261 … and weaves it with the light …P1620260 … and the light that blows through it …P1620259 … and weaves it with the fog.P1620258 Let us praise the snow that brings giant rye grass down to earth as it falls …P1620257 … and the giant rye grass that weaves the snow with the sun ….P1620256 … and neither rises nor falls …P1620255 … but lives …P1620254


… sometimes taller than the sun …



… and sometimes collecting it on its dark seeds …



… so it can rise in summer, when horses walk the earth.


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    • Thanks…

      the pics got weird when wordpress compressed them. Too bad. There were such subtle colours and sharp lines in the fog. I followed the porcupine trail up the hill to get to these. Porcupines are good trail makers!


  1. I really like this one, Harold, especially the line “sometimes taller than the sun” Nice.

    Sheila Johnsrude

    304 – 87 South Island Highway Campbell River BC V9W 1A2 Phone: 1-250-204-8150



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