Green Zebra Tomato Juice Celebration!

Here is a joyous interlude, to fulfill a promise …

Green Zebra Juice

And a green zebra, too.

So, the yellow tomato juice tasted like the sun, and I wondered if this would taste like the moon. The answer is…

Yes, exactly like a tomato picked in the moonlight and eaten with your eyes closed and the moonlight pouring over your face like a wind!”

And then I got an idea… what about soup? I wondered, and my mind wandered, and so I made a soup, with scallops, snapper, shrimp, green zebra juice, and some green onions, thyme and savory from my garden, with parsley sprinkled on top and a basil leaf to say…


Like, way over the top, right? The green zebras gave it a lemony kick, and it was grand. Went nice with a Torrontés from Argentina, but I think a bit of tapas white from spain or anything grassy or lemony would have been great, too.


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