Invasion and Defence in the Tomato Patch

Oh, I have beautiful troubles. First the scene …

… and my beautiful defender …

Those tomatoes are about 3 centimetres long.

… and her handy-dandy repair job …

What, you might ask, could tear a web like that, other than a SCUD missile? Yeah, that’s the problem. Here is my beautiful invader …

All of 12 centimetres long, too. If I could just encourage her to eat the Sweet Million tomatoes, sigh, but she has better taste than that.

2 thoughts on “Invasion and Defence in the Tomato Patch

  1. So you like bugs?! Maybe next season to stop them from coming, so you don’t have to kill them you could plant marigolds around the tomatoes. Marigolds put out a scent that bugs detest! They also attract bees to get a good crop of tomatoes! Happy gardening bug lover! xo


    • Thanks. I planted marigolds, but, alas, the tomatoes outgrew them 100 to 1! But the self-seeded marigolds in my driveway did great! 1 tomato horn worm I can live with, I think. They have such beautiful moths.


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