Invasion and Defence in the Tomato Patch

Oh, I have beautiful troubles. First the scene …

… and my beautiful defender …

Those tomatoes are about 3 centimetres long.

… and her handy-dandy repair job …

What, you might ask, could tear a web like that, other than a SCUD missile? Yeah, that’s the problem. Here is my beautiful invader …

All of 12 centimetres long, too. If I could just encourage her to eat the Sweet Million tomatoes, sigh, but she has better taste than that.

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  1. So you like bugs?! Maybe next season to stop them from coming, so you don’t have to kill them you could plant marigolds around the tomatoes. Marigolds put out a scent that bugs detest! They also attract bees to get a good crop of tomatoes! Happy gardening bug lover! xo


    • Thanks. I planted marigolds, but, alas, the tomatoes outgrew them 100 to 1! But the self-seeded marigolds in my driveway did great! 1 tomato horn worm I can live with, I think. They have such beautiful moths.


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