Ripening the Sun

A friend asked how I knew when my green zebra tomatoes were ripe, when I’d never grown them before and they were green when they began and green when they ended. Good question.

“You know,” I said. “I just knew.”

These aren’t green zebras, but the same principle applies:

Black Hawthorn, Vernon Red Variant, Bella Vista

See the light glowing from within them?

Same with these feral grapes…

Somebody’s 1980s-era Wine Dreams, Over the Fence and Happy in the Road Gravel

In the case of the grapes, it’s the leaves.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t look directly into the sun. You just have to let it ripen first. Patience, that’s the thing.

Reminder: Tomorrow I present the first draft of my book as a slideshow at the Okanagan Institute in Kelowna. I’ve been sorting through photos for two days now and have quite the story. See you at the Bohemian Café at 524 Bernard Avenue in Kelowna, at 5 pm.


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