Black Krim Tomato

Welcome to the Black Krim tomato. Think of it as self-marinating. Put that bottle of balsamic vinegar away. That stuff was invented to make Best Boy tomatoes taste like Black Krims. Black Krims need no fancy food additives. They just need … heck, they don’t need anything. We are the ones who need Black Krims.

Black Krims in Their Natural Habitat

These are what could be best called a brown tomato. Take a look at the red Sweet Million cherry tomatoes splashing out a bit of colour for contrast in the image below, and you’ll see what I mean.

Green, Brown, Red and Purple

The not so secret life of the Black Krim.

What is a Best Boy? Aha! It’s a tomato designed to be pure red, to yield heavily, to have thick cell walls, making it ideal for shipping, and to have a long shelf life in a store. Get that? A tomato not bred for human food or delight but for industrial models of agriculture. Ah, but the Black Krim! I stumbled on them last year, and dreamed of them last winter, and  bought a dozen varieties to find them again, and, ta da!

Two Days’ Harvest of Black Krims

But the best is hiding inside. Take a look…

Oh, yeah.






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