Six Month Tomato Salad

Six months ago, I dreamed of a salad. I planted pink, yellow, red, RED, orange, black, brown, roma, cherry, and green tomatoes, and, oh my. Here is the salad almost in its final form, the result of weeks of digging and pickaxing and hauling soil, building a terrace, and then the planting, watering, and waiting, waiting, waiting, and waiting some more. Now I’ve let the tomatoes dry out in the August sun, as their ancestors learned in the Andes, and my salad is almost here…

Tomatoes: Weeds with an Indigenous Ancestry

The green ones are like cucumber-tomato salad all in one. I can’t believe that restaurants around here aren’t serving these.

Recipes next week.


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  1. I grew lots of tomatoes, and sadly, a lot of them went bad before I even got a chance to pick them. These are beautiful varieties.


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