Pruning Fun at Splatsin, or Keeping Safe

Ah, such fun. Here are Edna’s cherry trees at Splatsin, pruned so she can reach the fruit without a family giraffe. Sometimes, that’s what food sustainability means most of all.

And her plums. A secondary goal is to try to encourage some new growth, to bring the trees lower on their own. Besides, when the bear comes and breaks branches, it’s best to have some new ones to take their place.


And then my trusty saw got a view of the next project: this old apple tree, with her Saskatoon and white currant companions, straight out of an old story. Most of those branches are dead from horsehair canker. A hand saw is really not the tool for dead apple wood. It’s like iron.

So, think of the fun I’ll have on Friday, sorting this out!

That’s almost too much fun for one person. Still, repair price for a saw is $200 and 2 weeks. A new saw? $200! On this planet, it’s best to remain humble and to laugh often.

A new saw it is. Hi ho! And, you know, of course, safety first.

photo: Robert Chatfield

Note the beaver teeth. Very important, if you want to do this right.

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  1. Those beaver teeth in humans is called being diastematic. Story is, that in the Ukraine, only the most beautiful women are diastematic. No mention of the men. lol


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