Making Slow Apple Pies at Splatsin

At Splatsin, there are some apple trees that have been let go as a generation aged. I offered to help, and was, generously, trusted. Here’s what I think might be a Gravenstein that hasn’t been pruned in 15 years.

I spent two hours with it today, and another six with the rest of this little orchard. A flock of giant, sea-going gulls as large as ospreys passed overhead in family groups, filling the whole valley, spooking a blue heron. I stopped working to wish then well, then pruned on. Here’s the tree after I was done. Year 1 of a 5-year recovery plan.

Isn’t she lovely!

Easy does it! Here she is with her closest companion. I spent 2 hours with each of them today. If you were driving by, and didn’t see the pile of wood, you might think she hadn’t been pruned at all. Perfect. These ladies and I are working together on this now.

Sonja assures me there will be apple pies for the whole Splatsin community. What a joy, to be able to help.

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    • Easy does it. Think five years out, that’s the trick. After my father died, I made cuts like that on a couple trees he had pruned, those five-year-cuts. It was pretty great. We were making the cut together, and the time he had planned for had come.



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