The Amazing Long-Distance Relationships Between Bee, Flower and Bird

To gather pollen, a bee is completely exposed — easily spotted from a distance.

Their defense is to flee when there is any shadow passing over the yellow cushion of the flower. In other words, they flee when there is any disconnect between them and the sun, which the flower is adept at capturing, to draw them in. If you wait to flee from a predator, you waited too long. Instead, as a bee you must flee from a bird’s ability to remove you from the sun, which is life itself.  Literally. But you don’t have to go far. A metre away will do, as the bird has already passed, attracted only by your darkness in all that light. When you have darted away, it is blinded and passes on. There is nothing there. Hunting for a bee is just too hard, and not a strategy worth pursuing. And so, all are joined in light and dark.

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