Sunearth and Earthsun

The sun sinks into itself at the same time it is expanding outward.

Formed in the same cosmic whirlpool, the Earth does the same.

The sinking is easy to see, and the holding, those Earthly twins, but the bursting out at the same time? No problem. Ta da!

Only by the energy of this whirlpool is this, and only by that energy that opens at its heart can this be seen.


Earth? Sun? They are one thing. No separation, right?

The two minds are one. See?

Let us in this time of darkness remember and call forth the light. What is in our words is in the world, and we do not make a voice with our bodies in order to make words. Rather, we do it to speak the Earthsun and the Sunearth. We, who are the crossing over.

With a little help from our friends.

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