Never Trust Electronic Communication

So, I phoned ahead, right, and asked for a strip of land to be tilled for my baby trees. What I didn’t know was that there was a 3/4″-thick piece of rebar in the soil, dropped carelessly in days gone by, that would break a tine off the tiller. Oops! What I also didn’t know was that the ground was sporting a beautiful crop of shepherd’s purse, about ten days from harvest.

And People Call it a Weed…

… and till it up to plant later crops that taste half as good.

Ooops! What a salad we could have made!

The takeaway here is to never rely on distant communication. A human body is always the best witness.

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    • Oh, do send some, thank you! You make my day. Do you have some ready to go, saved from last year? I could trade for lambs quarters and red root pigweed.



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