The Gifts of Winter


The Thule reed teaches in the winter, not in the spring or summer. At that time, it is not fully opened yet. It is the knot below that it is opening into. It can be read forward, but only in the context of being read backwards.

So the lesson opens in the mind. It is the lesson of one dividing into two and slowing, at the point at which it thickens into five points around a central nub. In other words, by twisting two cords, one vertical and one horizontal, across a knot…

… not only is a thick knot produced but the two are inseparable. So does vertical strength, or thrusting, become holding.

So does the thrusting energy of spring become the twisting energy of the year in its fullness.

And so does the full, twisted year become the twists of the mind.

From this point, human social life begins.

It begins with this shelter.

With this gift.

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