The Doubled Wisdom of the Earth

It’s not just about the hunt. It is not just above forceful intelligence. A friend argues that geological energies thrust and push, clash against each other, and create room, shape and structure. I have argued continually that they cannot thrust if there is nothing to thrust into, and this receiving space is an equally powerful and active force. So, what is to be seen on the forest floor? A complexity of leaves in struggle against each other? A complexity of openings? Both at once?

It seems to need to be set into this room that we are talking of energies otherwise viewed as male and female. That is a little self-absorbed. They are one. The knowledge of how to read a map that is a bound space, a matted room, a welling, is also no less powerful than a guide for thrusting into broad space and returning with consciousness and story. The image below does not tell a story.

Day by day, the forest floor transforms as it descends into winter.

This transformation is part of the map of welling, of receiving space that is also a space of giving forth.

Day by day, the swells of life within this sea reveal that which was hidden.

You could say, oh, they capitalize on the micro-environments made possible by the active force of others, but that is just to read an economic metaphor on something that is far stronger than the violence, force or thrust of that reading.

They are together, the unfolding they make, in time, is not a story and does not move but opens, and understanding opens within you, making room for any other action you might care to make. And not just making room. Look again:

The bee comes to the flower, because the flower calls it. We find the bee on the flower, because the flower calls us as well. It opens into space, and makes room for us. A language made only of thrusting energies cannot cancel this opening. It can only sublimate it into emotion. Beauty, we call it, meaning “I find this attractive.” Yes, because we are attracted to it. It is the Earth speaking to us her doubled wisdom. Against that, language is only a set of fingers drumming on a darkened window. Look at the Earth speak the universe.


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  1. Beautiful pictures, Haroldl. Also an interesting way of looking at things: that nature does not push and contend, but calls to us. I like the idea. But where does that leave plate tectonics? Or volcanic eruptions? I must think about this.



    • This deserves a whole post in answer, but let’s first think of this: beneath Cascadia there is a second mid-Pacific rift, sub-ducted, and on its western face there is 10,000 kilometres of land, folded and going straight down for 1,000 kilometres or so. The space, the opening, for it is there, stronger than the wall of the rift. Anyway, more next week. As for volcanoes, if there is no air, there is no volcano. Till next week!.


  2. Re: ” but that is just to read an economic metaphor on something ” . Reading this reminds me of a friend who once said (when I was ‘assured of certain certainties” and holding forth. . . .Bart said, “Just remember that all human knowledge is limited and tentative” and you’ll be on the right track. I’d say the same about even the best metaphors: always they fall short. For me, part of the joy and pain in being human is trying to find metaphors that reflect somehow a nuance, a facet.


    • Wise pastoral words. Nonetheless, when it comes to viewing the world, science declares certainties. These capitalist metaphors aren’t such. Letting the Earth speak for Herself is an interesting way out of the human do-loop.



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