Happy Thanksgiving

In 1981, I discovered an apple, growing in a ditch on Benvoulin Road in Kelowna.

I got some grafting wood before the tree was cut down in the spring.

She is growing in my back yard now, and she is glorious. 

You should stop by and have a chat with her and give thanks. She’s a great conversationalist. I know she’ll say “you’re welcome.” In many ways, she continues to inspire this blog.

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    • And to you as well. I had my eye on a wild tree for a year now, and it was heavy with golden apples when I came south two days ago. Whoosh, I stopped and ran over to the fence and tasted a few. They were gloriously beautiful, and would have made a reasonable mild cider, but too much tannin for eating, but, still, a happy moment. . >

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  1. When I was a youngster in Wisconsin, we knew where every wild apple tree was because they were magnets for game (we hunted pheasants, rabbits, etc.–no deer at that time). Some were bitter and horrid and some were great.

    A local farmer has been making apple juice for years and throwing the pomace into his garden (actually, one could say “her garden” and be just as accurate). When seedlings come up he gives them away, plants them on fence lines, etc. One house in the town of Smithers–you’ve heard of it?–has five of these seedlings in the front yard.



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