Hide in Plain Sight!

Want to avoid being seen?

Be a knot hole. Hey, it beats hanging out under the bark.

Downy Woodpecker can hear you under there. Be bold! Hide in plain sight. Pretend to be a flower, even.

Anything will do. Such is the intelligence of the Earth: a balance. Like chemical equations, which will always balance to stasis, so do environments, but this word environment… isn’t it suspect? Wouldn’t it be better to call it a field of life, pulsing and so, by being doubled, remaining in tension and balance, which are the same?

And aren’t we, doubled creatures that we are, perfectly suited to match it, in balance? And to be corrected, and brought into balance, if we don’t? Isn’t it better to actively take part in the creation of it? Isn’t that the way of love making?

Humans, deer, cows and coyotes all follow the same trail. Sometimes you need to read no more than that. Your presence is not a secret, but if you are on the trail, the story will come to you.


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