Two Years at Nicomen Falls

Here’s an image I made at Nicomen Falls in the spring of 2017. The river had a way of talking, as you can see, and I responded by pushing the image close to the water and balancing the water, the rock and the trees. This was a message of flow. Note how the images in the rock even flow.

This year, things were a little different. This time, winter was colder and longer, considerable ice built up on the falls, and it was slow to leave. The result is a story of prophecy and revelation. I responded by pulling back and letting the stone dominate and reveal. Note as well that the patterns in the rock do not flow this time.

Same falls, same man, same camera, same time of year, different light and a totally different experience with a totally different response.


It’s all by chance unless the moods of light, water and air are our own as well. If that’s the case, it’s by recognition.

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    • Very. The river is less than a kilometre long, yet the Fraser Gold Rush of 1858 started here. A falls with a golden vein.



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