Endangered species

Joy in the Week of Bees and Wind

When the wind is a bee.


Filbert catkins, waiting for the wind.


When a bee is the wind. Well, a wasp, but what a tiny beauty with her fur stole!

Willow catkins receiving a “bee.”

Such a joyous doubling!

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    • There were even smaller ones, but they blurred out. So quick!

      Interestingly, a week ago they were having a hard time competing with honeybees, but those ones seem to have been moved out for pollination, clearing the air a little. I’m sure everyone is glad!


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  1. When I lived in Delta, some of the hazels (filberts) were so far upwind of the others that I feared the wind wouldn’t swirl around enough to cross-pollinate. So I cut off some catkins and shook them over the various plants. I felt somehow a little pornographic. I’d never be a good hybrid seed producer.


    • Splendid. Did it work? I can see you with a furry stole on your shoulders, buzzing around the filberts.



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