Winter, You are So Over

I just thought you ought to know.p1500249The sagebrush buttercups are here.


Snow, you scare no one no more. Not the prickly pears.


Not the moss.


Not the grass.


The sun is back.

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  1. The first few are blooming here, too, north of Williams Lake along the Fraser River near Soda Creek! Despite the cold (-15 two nights ago) and continued spells of snow. There is heat in the daytime sun now; winter’s back is broken…

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  2. And in Wales the daffodils are blooming, every night I see frogs are making their way to the ponds and the early lambs are suckling at their mothers’ teat in the paddocks.


  3. Here in the Sonoran Desert (where summer spends the winter, according to the local chamber of commerce) brittlebush, desert marigold, creosote and bougainvillea are filling the days with gorgeous colour. Ocotillo, not so much, but it’s raining tonight so maybe with a little push they will. Poppies in a few places too. And the vultures are back .. a sure sign that spring is here!


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