The Human Signature

Rock (and marmots)…P1040936

… rock and water …P1140094

…the thing that makes them similar is you. Here, the same signature shows up again, in an old gold mine in Conconully.


Fascinating, isn’t it. Here it is again at Ozette.P2270593 And here at La Push.P2280645

It’s comfortable to call these natural forces.


As soon as you do, you’ve made an unbridgeable separation, which makes your relationship to the earth …


…a matter of personal identity and emotion: forms of possession.P2230770

Let’s try honesty.


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  1. Humans do leave their signature on nature, but I do prefear separate between humans and nature. That makes Nature something bigger, wilder and much more amazing.


    • It sure is. What I was, awkwardly, trying to point out, was the idea that came to me from looking through my images, that it is difficult to know what nature might be, as the way we view it is so intimately human. My point was actually much the same as yours: what a wild, big and amazing thing nature is, especially since human vision most commonly sees a human version of it.

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  2. You pose an interesting statement … but I’m not sure if I understand it completely. What would an “honest” relationship to the earth be?


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