Oh, Grass, My Beautiful One!

Grasses are the children of a warming earth, and this is their season. I’ve been talking of science lately, but a science based in poetry and in ancient earth knowledge, so I thought today, walking out in the grass, hey, why not show you the magic of the grass? Have a look!

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  1. Beautiful, Harold. Lovely to contemplate on a warm sunny day in the city.
    Your selection did make me wonder, should these pictures be shown to a group of children, how many would know these plants are grass. Most may only know it as the severely snipped covering of their neighbourhood’s lawns. Now, in the right place, a lawn can also be pleasing. The trouble is, so many aren’t in the right place and would be much better abandoned for entirely different plants.


      • That would be ideal. It would be powerful to move the schools out to the grass, too. There is, however, no budget for it, in a classroom/teacher mode of schooling, such as that in British Columbia. I wish it were otherwise. In place of that, I’m working on my book of alternative crops, and so on, in the hope that that will get into the schools, in ways that I can’t.


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