Beauty: Measuring Device

Autumn is upon us. A time of fruitfulness.flybigLook closer.


What a beautiful one! It’s fair to say that what I, a human, observe as beauty is not necessarily aesthetic, yet is attractive, in the sense that it completes patterns and completes me as an observer. The ways in which it does so, through colour, shape, form or just presence, are gifted by Western culture to art. Don’t be fooled by that. Art and science are not distinct pursuits.



The human body is a measuring device. What does it measure? Why, that other thing that has been excluded from science: spirit. There is no way to define spirit. That’s kind of the point. Nonetheless, it can be measured, through artfulness and the aesthetic sense of humans, birds, insects, fish and much more.

P1500085Perfection is not required. In fact, perfection gets in the way.



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  1. I do so agree with you that perfection gets in the way: of beauty, spirit, satisfaction. Perfection, however we may define it, can seem sterile, too good to be true. Having something a little off kilter provokes curiosity and an enhanced sense of energy.


    • Yup. It also lets insects do their thing. Will, for instance, the tomato hornworm in my tomato patch make it? The weather is cooling down, and the other 3 were eaten by a robin.


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