Raven Talks

Here’s a raven I met on Wednesday. “It’s just a human projection, to say that ravens have intentions or speak,” someone told me on Thursday.raven1

Well, for humans who don’t live on earth, I guess so. Those of us who do, read this stuff.


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  1. I LOVE what you write! Thank you for your vision and understanding, and thank you for sharing it with us!




  2. Well said Harold. It’s sad that many people have that view you spoke of. It’s a symptom of disconnection and it needs to be recognized as an illness that can be treated. In 15 minutes I could show that person what the Raven is saying and what it’s intentions are behind it. The birds are constantly talking around us and if we learn to understand their language we would have an aural map of what’s going on in the landscape for a large distance around us.

    Right now I’m sitting in my living room writing this and I can hear the crows outside calling right now. By the intensity and direction of their calls I know they’re sitting in my neighbours Catalpa tree telling everyone who cares to listen, that a cat is sneaking in the juniper bed under that Catalpa hunting. I can’t see over there right now, but I’ve seen that happen and heard their story enough times to know that’s exactly what’s going on.

    Ravens don’t talk, hah. We don’t listen.


    • Right on! Ravens also talk about tricky spiritual matters from what is called, and here human language fails, the Dreamtime or the Past. The big news in our neighbourhood is that all the young magpies are hanging around like a street gang, replacing nest social life with social life among peers. Their social joy is rather infectious!


      • Right on right back at you! So many layers to it! It’s nice to hear this from another person. Even though I hear and converse with many of the beings that live here with me, it can feel lonely and isolating not being able to speak it at the same level with another person.

        Thank you Harold, you and your blog have been an oasis in the desert for me many times.


      • Perhaps we should do a language project together. Plants, animals, breath, birds, and so on… or even a technology project. Have you seen my <>? It’s leading somewhere.


  3. Another comment Harold, you were at Daniella’s presentation this winter. How do you think some of those people were able to hunt at close range with primitive tools successfully? It’s through understanding bird language. Not only can we understand the movements of animals around us without actually having to see them; when we respect the birds and understand their needs and priorities from what they’re telling us, we’re able to move on the landscape without disturbing them. This effectively makes us invisible, because guess what? Every wild animal on this earth uses bird language too. Just ask the deer.

    People need to learn these things again. Once we do, we’ll actually reconnect with ourselves and all the living beings we share this beautiful creation with. When we understand at a heart level that we’re a part of this, then we’re no longer apart from this.

    Sorry if I’m ranting a little; you hit one of my buttons. The intention behind my words are for understanding and come from caring. I don’t intend to be critical of others and I hope it’s not read that way.

    Bless you for your blogs.


    • Rant away! It’s not just bird language, of course. Tracking, scent and marking say a lot, too. But don’t forget, we (humans) have our own natural signatures, and they extend far beyond the words we’re using here. One can read the earth and its processes through them as well. Those ‘primitive’ weapons, for instance, were actually physical manifestations of both will and magical power, as well as being practical tools. The three things are tightly joined. All these things take place in a space that the Greeks called pneuma, or breath. Scientifically, it has been discredited, but it’s still here.


      • You got that right! I whole heartedly agree and spend much of my time developing my connection to those aspects as well. There are many more practical and abstract layers to this that I haven’t gone into, but the cool thing is they can all be learned, accessed and understood, as you are already aware.

        I don’t generally go into those things quite so much because I’ve found most people are already skeptical about the wholly logical and practical aspects of these practices. I’m conscious of trying to frame it where it can be received by people where they’re at. I should know I can go farther with you.

        Again, going back to Daniella’s presentation. My opening thanksgiving spoke to many of the unseen things which you refer to, but I felt I was pushing my luck with the folks in the room. The forces there were happy to be recognised and acknowledged and it showed in the energy of the event. I was glad that it was received the way it was, although I got feedback from some people afterwards that it was too much for them.

        We need to bring people back to this knowledge, and the only way to do so is to make it accessible and fun. Going too deep too fast turns people off.


      • Very interesting. I think you had the room working against you at that event. It so wanted to enforce a notion of linear and enclosed. I don’t think it’s an accident that the water broke just outside the room. We can talk at length about this at any time.


  4. There’s a whole crowd of them talking down by the lake right now. Discussing something in the high falsetto which makes me suspicious. That voice is usually a sign they’re up to no good!


    • Laying snares, perhaps. I watched them watch me for hours, then days, then weeks, in Iceland, always close, but on their terms. I think they’ve figured out, over a long, long time, how to lead us into spaces in which we reveal things we meant to keep to ourselves. It’s like the trick they played on Winston, those 12 years past now: one distracts the poor dog, then the other chows down at his dish, and when he goes to clear that up, the first one chows down, and round and round and round. After three days, he let them line up behind him in single file, waiting their turn!


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