Nature Photography

Raven is Still Talking

He talks like this (note the connections between the feathers and the voice) …
ravenspread… and he talks like this. (This is a bit of punctuation. We humans would take a breath at this point.)

raveneProbably here, too.


But for a raven, conversations are in circles, and since they’re all done in breath, that part doesn’t have to be laboured. Instead, there’s a rhythm, between power thrusts and the gathering of power. It’s the wings that drive the lungs and punctuate the words.



We humans can just eat our hearts out. For us, body language and words are so easily at odds. That’s our strength (and tragic flaw). For ravens, though, strength is the unity of these forces.

ravenc And grace, too.



Ravens have been following humans for at least as long as dogs have. We leave such interesting and tasty junk lying around. Shiny things, too. It is likely ravens followed humans to North America from Asia. It is just as likely that we followed them




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