The Power of Rock

Life is a great force on this planet, but so is rock. Just look at this one!P1260118The interplay of this kind of steadiness and resistance within the web of life can be most beautiful.

P1260120Is that steadiness not the root of art?

Menhir, Yverdon-les-Bains, SuissevMore here.

Is that not like a photograph? 


Ancestors in the Rock, Peshastin Pinnacles, May 20, 2014

Is it not the capturing of one’s thoughts, in the world? They can be read there.

P1270324Raven at Peshastin Pinnacles

This capacity for reading rock, extends to ravens and their capacity for reading rock. Art is a path that knows no inside or outside, no here or there. From this, narratives extend. And dinner.


And life.




Staghorn Sumac on the Move in the Springtime, Bella Vista

Contemporary art and science dissects these unities and this path, on the assumption that the physicality of humans and the earth are givens and the presence of humans is a random result of competition and struggle. That’s hardly the whole story.

twoIsn’t it time we taught our children how to read again?

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