Beauty and the Beast Au Naturale

Trees viewed through air.


Trees viewed through water.

It is your eye, and your mind, that sees both, not the world. Of course, we have binary vision, which means we see “in depth,” and with both sides of the brain together.

Gardom Lake

That means that every image contains the difference I showed you above, within itself. This image, for example…

Flax, Blue Bunch Wheat Grass, Dalmation Toadflax and the Sun

In its simplest ways, photography is spiritual. This smoke bush image shows these two sides of the mind as spirit within an image of a human body:

This one, too.

And this asparagus:

It is not the body we’re taught to honour as ours…




… are we here to do what we’re told? Here are the images we are given to imitate.

Emma Stone

Kenny Chesney

I find it offensive that we would ask the world …

… to imitate that, and that we would choose to act, at all times, as those “human” images, when we are so much more.

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  1. Thanks, Harold. Perception of the whole (rather than reductionistic ways of seeing) is refreshing and liberating. (Actually, I don’t think anyone ever sees, “the whole”.)


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