Walking With Coyote and Looking at the Stars

Walking through the bunchgrass.P1210816 Walking through the sagebrush. P1210803Walking over the bed of an ancient sea. P1210820Looking at a supernova. lupinstar Looking at planetary clusters. lupinstar2 Looking at the solar system. lupinstar3 Looking at the starry carpet of the night sky.P1210802 Meeting a red dwarf on the path. Stopping for a moment. P1210823Meeting the sun beside Coyote’s trail. P1210504 Spider lives in the sun. P1210168 Walking an old story. People call it poetry now. It’s not. Neither is this an insect. P1210633People call this nature now. P1210620 It’s not. You can’t walk with Wasp if you call it nature. P1210621 You can’t walk with the earth if you call her Nature.

desertparsleyDesert Parsley Between a Rock and a Sage Brush Stump

And yet there are all these words.

P1200245They’re not Nature. This is Nature:

P1190860Here at the bottom of Coyote’s trail is the Milky Way.


That’s not poetry. This is poetry.


Human Version of a River

That’s not Nature. This is Nature:


Pigeon Guarding its Barbecue Along the Rail Line

Nature is beautiful.p1210118So is poetry.


What a Lot of Words in One Place!

This, though, is an older story. This is the star road. Here’s a star being born.


Here’s the sun. We are within him, yet he has shape.


And words.

flybeeAnd children.

P1210126There’s the moon. Really. There she is. (Click to enlarge, if that helps. It could be that the technology you are using is not very good at seeing the moon.)
P1210474The earth is dying, because the words are about people now. Oh, she’s not dying all at once. She still feathers.


She still stars.

P1200878She still yellow bells.


In all the green cheatgrass stealing her water, stealing her words away, she is still among the stars.


Still standing still. Ancient.

P1170423Here’s some images of her I made early one morning in March, when I mistakenly flipped the wrong switch on my camera, and found it was the right one. Here she is among the stars.
P1170547Here’s one of her words there.

P1170514 There were human words for this once.

P1170489Ancestors in the Rock at Vaseaux Lake

 There still are.

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    • Thanks, Tamara. I wish you and your green man could join coyote and I as we head up into the hills. What a troupe we would make!


  1. Harold, sometimes I wonder if you are slyly playing with us. Earth won’t die. She may change…well, she WILL change, as she has been doing for longer than we can imagine. If we provoke her enough, however, she may just shuffle us off as she has so many other species over this limitless space of time.


    • Ah, yes, but that is to look at the earth from outside of the earth-human relationship, to look at it as a kind of independent thing floating among the stars. Goethe warned us against going down that road of separation. It’s not that we mustn’t follow that path, but that we must rise above that path or we will be that path, when we can be so much more. Well, Goethe really meant, it’s the body. Look at bodies. Be the bodies. His enlightenment did not preclude bodies. Newton’s did. Newton’s men then went on to discredit Goethe for not being Newtonian. That is rather illogical, really. My point is there is knowledge that is not separated like that. When I say that I went walking among the stars with Coyote, I don’t mean I went to Alpha Centauri by rocket ship. I mean something different. I have also had to realize that no one has a clue what I mean and that the task of explaining it is, perhaps, not my task. The technological power of contemporary culture, and the individualities it creates, is so strong that resistance is seen as individual difference or artfulness within it. It might just be more useful to speak clearly and be completely understood. The earth I’m talking about is dying. People spend millions of dollars a day to make sure of it. Every moment any human, myself included, spends looking away from the living earth kills it. And yet it is possible to walk among the stars and to speak as the earth and with the earth. Instead, contemporary walking practice is about extending the intellect into the territory of the body and exploring the nuances of urban space. That is a pure indication of dead earth. Only the ghosts of earth remain in those concepts. And the ghosts, may I add, of humans. I am deeply troubled by this.


  2. Thank you> Learned a whole lot of new words today, all of them describing the local little people that dot our surroundings. Great topic to ponder. derfnam


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