Beautiful Frozen Marmot Breath

Right now, the marmots are sleeping. They are sleeping under this rock, right at the top of the escarpment.

P1090875The Glaciers Took All the Other Flood Basalt Away

The marmots sleep in their rodent tunnels in the rock. The rabbits hop around up top. The lynx and cougar chase around after them.

P1090866Cougar Footprint in the Snow

That blue hole is a moose footprint. We were five minutes behind these guys.

Around and around they go, this way and that.

P1090856Cougar on the Prowl for Snowshoe Hare

Let’s face it, moose are too big. Those things are the size of highway graders.

But none of them can beat the marmots at this winter game. Look:

ventMarmot Breath Hole

It gets better!

cdrystalsClose Up on Frozen Marmot Breath

And better!

frost10And better…

frost2By the looks of it, these crystals are forming on spider webs hanging from the rock. In the summer, I’m sure the spiders are catching insects coming in and out from the marmot hidey holes.

frost13But now, beautiful frozen marmot breath!


The hills are alive.

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