A Green Dictionary of the Earth

Today I’m proud to bring you The Green Earth Dictionary at earthwords.net. It is a collection of English words that come from a time in which earth knowledge was strong among English speakers and was truly a common, indigenous language in no way separate from a living earth. Here are the first two entries. They will be put into families as we go.


In this age in which all people must learn to speak with and for the Earth again, this is an invaluable gift from the past. The earth has a language. We speak it everyday. Sometimes it’s in a human language. Sometimes it looks like this:

mulleinSpeaking it is what matters. I hope you will follow my progress at earthwords.net.

3 thoughts on “A Green Dictionary of the Earth

  1. Very interesting. I’ll follow you at earhtwords.net. The first two photos stand in stark contrast: the Bush is bright and clean as it was ages ago, as it still is in some places; the Air looks polluted.


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