The Beauty and Presence of Trees

I love trees.

P1380676 No one has yet explained why they do what they do, or how, but just look at them doing it!

P1380709There are intellectual tools for analyzing them down through complex relationships between hydrocarbon molecules, including photosynthetic processes, evolutionary processes, hormonal balances, communication and defence through airborne chemicals, but just look at how they stand up out of the earth. That has been explained according to attraction to light and evolutionary adaptation and advantage, but it has never been explained according to the presence of those trees on the crest of this alfalfa field. The poet Rilke tried in Muzot, Switzerland, and finished his life’s work by talking about the trees in front of his house above the Rhone. He meant “this tree, here.” People since have thought he meant “a symbolic tree.” He didn’t. So, let me continue in his footsteps:


This tree, here. It holds all we need to know.


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