Nature Photography

Seeing in the Dark with Magpies

Sacred trees are everywhere at this time of year! Here’s another one:


Magpie Nest in a  Choke Cherry Tree

This one you can get inside for a view up into the sky …


Any bird that lives here holds wood and wind and sky within itself. These are good powers to be caught up by at any time of year, and perhaps mostly now that the magpies have left the trees to us just as the trees rise up out of their dead leaves in rivers of dark light. It is good to remember that leaves come out of this darkness, not out of the light.


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  1. Ah, starlings on the willow, magpies in the chokecherry trees. But I have a hawk perched regally in the venerable hickory just off my balcony. He puffs up his feathers in the snow, arranging them like a puffy duvet.

    The hickory survived the ice storm without any loss of branches. It’s taller than this 9-storey building and I hope it survives at least as long as I do.


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