In the Okanagan, the Pineapples are Ripe When the Snow Flies

Well, pineapple weed!

All that cottonwood snow makes it hard to harvest!

Or so it seems, but look! 

The pineapples are above the snow!

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  1. Clever title! I’m fond of that little wildflower, and cottonwood fluff? I love it! I welcome traffic jams these days because I can just sit there, mesmerized, watching the cottonwood seeds catch every invisible current, flying this way and that, completely unpredictable. Every bit as relaxing as an aquarium…if not more. The vagaries of small air currents, revealed. And then when it piles up, like you show here – how wonderful! There are deep drifts at the sidewalk curbs sometimes. And one year we watched little ducklings run across lily pads and catch cottonwood fluff, to eat the seeds.


    • You have better cottonwood stories than I do! Thanks for sharing. I wish I had seen those ducklings. >


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