Seeing in the Fourth Dimension

Because my camera can’t see well, it sees this when I look up …P1320431

Staghorn Sumac Against the Sky

But because it flattens out light and dimension, it reveals pattern that my superior human sight sees right through. The same thing happens in the sage below.

P1330098Well, One California Poppy, Too.

The colours are the gift of a low, late afternoon Autumn sun.

The world of two dimensions is pretty cool. And look how the camera reduces the three dimensions of the fog down to two.


Autumn Vineyard in the Fog, After Harvest

It gets me to thinking that part of the attraction of photography is that it allows the human mind to contemplate the distance between the three dimensions of human sight and the two of the photograph. That contemplation is, I think, the fourth dimension. It has been called time. I think that works for the physicists, but for the rest of us? Maybe they missed something.

P1320414Maybe time is the fifth dimension and the fourth has to do with boundaries, and crossing them.

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