First Peoples

Coyote My Brother

It is a commonplace myth in contemporary critical thinking that there is no such thing as place. Anyone who says this has not watched the coyotes return from a night hunting in the valley, tired, and making their way back up into the hills. They move with absolute assurance and radiate place.P1350674And when they take you in, it is the place that takes you in.

coyotesTo say that this is a projection is a projection. In traditional knowledge in this place, Coyote, or Sen’klip, is the trickster and the transformer. Human consciousness and identity was learned here from him. For those of us who are this place and are from this place, he is us. To take a critical stance on that is to miss it. Here’s the second of those coyotes beginning the climb up the mountain.

P1350686Well met, brother.

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  1. Harold, thank you for this as I’ve been meditating, in hopes of doing something with the idea, concept, perception of home…and place overlaps nicely with that. Or perhaps it’s just that your writings added to my thoughts. Home is different for each of us, what embodies it for you? Thanks again, Louise


    • Well, this is one idea I played with in Iceland. Home is the place one haunts. Haunting is not originally a ghost-related word, but one of life being attached to a place and inseparable from it, or at least drawn to it. Which made it applicable to ghosts, but not defined by ghosts. Here’s another way of looking at it: a sheep gets acclimatized to a mountain and needs no fence to keep it there. It is ‘home’ or ‘haunted’ by the mountain, or ‘haunts’ the mountains, which is its ‘haunt’. Ie home is haunt. It’s the same with people. Another way: haunting is art-full. One becomes an art form, and the space becomes one as well; the person at home in a place is an art form in process with that place. Here’s another: ancestral memory counts. For me, the light in Iceland is right. I am at home in it. The rock in the Okanagan is right. I am at home in it. Best, Harold


  2. I’m probably not going to be commenting while I’m in Cornwall. Too tricky tapping away on my iPad. But I’ll keep reading!


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