First Peoples

Wisdom Maps

The universe is mapped out in the bark of Ponderosa pines. I spent many afternoons in my childhood trying to read them, but haven’t figured it out yet. It’s a pleasing way to move through the world, though!


Ponderosa Pine, Ellison Park

Some maps are easier to read. Here’s one that bridges last year and the one we entered at Solstice, in the dark…

ancestorAncestor and Fir Tree, Ellison Park

Some images reappear in our dreams. Others are just here.

Sometimes map cross in other, more physical ways…


Owl Rising from the Water, Ellison Park

The sand is an industrial artefact. It is the pink, mildly radioactive granite of a local mountain, blasted, crushed and brought in by barge for the delight of travellers’ feet.

The living earth is very, very close.


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