Chief Joseph’s Bell

Let us remember in these cold months, that the earth is alive…

fry3 Young Salmon, Hanford Reach, Columbia River

… that multiple generations and species share flows of energy, not space or land or any word or any concept that comes from words …


Sockeye Salmon and Ducks, Okanagan Falls

These salmon represent a generation four years older than the small ones above, yet which passed by them two weeks before. The ducks are waiting for eggs.

… and that it is possible to honour our ancestors …


Offerings, Chief Joseph’s Grave, Nespelem

… in whose stories we walk. We are here for just a short time, but the trails remain …


Peshastin Pinnacles, High Trail

… and if the stories have been forgotten, the path, which records the original discovery of the stories, and the bringing of gifts that is their telling and re-telling, will give them to us again …


Peshastin Pinnacles, Ancestor

… if we listen first to sound where there is no sound …


… and then sound.

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